Classification Links

The advance ruling system is currently available only for classification of goods. The system has been in force since June 02, 2016 vide the Customs Ruling (Advance) Rules, 2016. To download the Rules, click on the downloadable link on the right-hand side menu.

To download the advance ruling application form for classification of goods, click here.

For receiving an advance ruling on classification, the following information and documents need to be submitted along with the application: 

(1)   Copy of the applicant’s National Identification Number/Passport/Birth Registration no. (in the case of person).

(2)   The relevant authorization letter, in case of submission of application by an authorized person within the meaning of rule 6.

(3)   Letter of credit or Contract and Pro-forma invoice or Purchase order (where applicable).

(4)   Documents related to other characteristics or special features (if any).

(5)   Information/Literature related to the composition of the goods.

(6)   Information/Literature related to the technical specification of the goods.

(7)    Brochure/literature of the goods (where applicable);

(8)   Illustrative pictures, sketches, digital photographs, flows charts etc. of the goods (where applicable).

(9)    Proof/document related to form or nature of the goods (for example, whether in powder, liquid or aqueous solution).

(10) Product specification sheet (product information in a foreign language (other than English) should be translated into English/Bangla).

(11) Sample of the goods (where applicable).

(12) Description of specific information about the goods that needs to remain confidential (where applicable).